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What Amanda is talking about in #1 here I actually did in 2009, complete with reading Bittman's Food Matters (highly recommended, btw). I did really well with it, too. Being "vegan until 6," I managed to lose weight. Unfortunately, I fell off the food wagon in 2010 and gained it all back, plus some. I'm not in "lose weight or die" territory by any stretch, but I'm not healthy, either.

Perhaps I'll have to dust off my copy of Food Matters and get reinspired. I really do like a good salad for lunch.

Since our usual CSA is taking some time off this year (at least from veggies - you can still get fresh-cut, organic flowers from http://www.fullcirclefarms.com/), we're going to take a year off, too, and spend the money we would have spent on the CSA at local farmers markets. We have an amazing one here in Bellefonte, and the one in Millheim is also great on quality and value.

As for cooking, we started the year off right with a stir fry dish last night (This one from Mark Bittman, in fact) and fresh-baked bread. It was a disappointment on both parts, with the broccoli coming out overcooked and the bread coming out bitter. But getting back in the habit of cooking and baking feels right.
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I'm unveiling my Secret Project today. A little over a year ago, while we were still living in Michigan, I started planning and developing a website. It was put on hold several times, both for the move back to Pennsylvania and so I could study for and take the bar exam. Twice. But now, with all of that (hopefully!) behind me, I can share what I've been doing: I've started a blog about food and cooking here in Central Pennsylvania. I call it The Centre Gourmand.

I'll be writing about dining, locally raised and grown meats and vegetables, and the hidden culinary treasures this area has to offer. It'll also feature some of my favorite recipes I've been collecting, both adapted from others and of my own creation, as well as wine reviews from my own cellar. As the "About" page says, The Centre Gourmand is "dedicated to the proposition that fine dining can be found anywhere." I hope you'll agree.


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