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I need my MacBook next week. I may need to use it for extended periods of time without an outlet. Unfortunately, my battery was the original and was therefore 32 months old. So I bought a new one, calibrated it, and have gone from about 15 minutes on a charge to around 5 hours.

Then today at work, I noticed a funny smell at my desk. A burning, plastic smell. It was then that I noticed the brown, charred marks on the wire into the power supply brick. Needless to say, I unplugged it immediately.

Since AppleCare covers my laptop for about four more months, I knew they'd probably replace it. Unfortunately, it was Thursday at 3:30 in the afternoon, I need to leave on Monday, and UPS and FedEx don't deliver to my house or the office on Saturdays. Living and working out here in the sticks like we do, our nearest Apple Store is three hours away. So I had to buy a new power supply brick at BestBuy. I did consider Amazon with next-day shipping, but that would be cutting it close. It would probably get here by Friday but that wouldn't leave any room for error.

I did call Apple tonight and they're shipping me a new brick. It will take 5-7 days to arrive but at least I will have a spare. And I won't burn down the Courthouse.[1]

1: I have often been heard to say that "the history of Bellefonte is a history of fires," but I'd rather not become a part of that narrative.


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