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[livejournal.com profile] james_nicoll is once again telling us What He Read last year, starting with the As.

I always discover a few gems in this list, and invariably pick up several of them.
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Here is a cogent elucidations of what it means to do the right thing:

[T]he standard over-riding all others is that one must, with empathy in mind, use all one's ethical faculties in every situation in a passionate but reasoned attempt to make the best possible evaluation of the most ethical course of action. So, if someone insists that miscegenation is a crime against nature so "abhorrent" that we must join the lynch mob, no matter how many stand with him, no matter if we're the only person standing against him, we should nevertheless be ready, willing and able to challenge this self-righteous nonsense, to say, this is not a vice -- because this would be the more ethical response even if societal morés condemn us for refusing to conform. This is the logic underlying what is not "a sole and single standard of virtue," simply an overriding standard of autonomous thought as an ethical duty, a recognition that prejudice is not a legitimate basis for moral authority, a commitment to challenge such illegitimate "morality" as and when it expresses itself in unethical acts of abjection. ...

From Hal Duncan's Open Letter to John C. Wright, in response to a recent post on Wright's own site (since deleted).
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While I'm sorry to see a well-paying short fiction market close up, I'm not surprised. I subscribed for the first year, but my subscription lapsed and I haven't been back since then because I'm not fond of reading on a computer screen. Sure, I browse websites and read news, and I spend all day (and most of my evenings) writing on one computer or another, but when it comes down to reading at length for pleasure, I prefer the printed page.

I have often thought these electronic-only publications are missing out on a key demographic, that being those of us who are technologically plugged in but still prefer a more traditional approach to reading. I realize the print magazine is dying a slow, painful death, but perhaps if they'd offered a print-on-demand option for those subscribers who wanted a print edition, I'd still be reading Universe -- and they'd still be publishing come next April.


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